Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I like my Cubans pressed, not rolled.

Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar

Years ago, we were told that to be successful in the restaurant industry, we couldn’t mix politics with food. Well, so much for that advice.
Before taking in the Bulls game tonight, we're trying a new place for dinner: Cuban Revolution. I haven't had a good Cuban sandwich in a few years; am looking forward to it. Was tempted to try out Bull City. That'll have to wait 'til next time.

The dish best served cold (A history of revenge in the arts)

ENGLISH REVENGE DRAMA by Linda Woodbridge reviewed by David Hawkes - TLS

Khan wanted it. (via Geek Twins)

Revenge subverts the ethical basis of a competitive society. It is also a revolution in miniature; it assumes that the existing state of affairs is insupportable, and it actively seeks to transform it. Indeed, the English revolutionaries of the 1640s often conceived their revolt as revenge for a broken contract between monarch and subjects. In this exciting analysis of English revenge drama at its Elizabethan and Jacobean zenith, Linda Woodbridge argues that early modern audiences and playwrights enjoyed and celebrated revenge, associating it with the pursuit of social and economic fairness. Revenge, she notes, is an evening of scores, a levelling.

50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes)

YouTube - 50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes):

NC: "First in flight. Also first in lung cancer."

Monday, May 30, 2011

World's Smallest Post Service

Leafcutter Designs - World's Smallest Post Service

The WSPS began in 2008 as a quirky little social art project. Postmaster Lea Redmond sets up her tiny roaming office in cafes and shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond and offers a teeny tiny letter transcription service to passers-by. At these appearances the letters are transcribed by hand on a miniature, wooden roll-top desk in the tiniest of script, sealed with a miniscule wax seal with the sender's initial pressed into it, and packaged up with a magnifying glass.
The video on the site shows how they started, but it looks like this online order service is not actually handwritten. Still, it's neat. I'm having a hard time thinking of the right occasion though. Maybe a letter to my daughter from the tiny frog she found yesterday ...

Amelia's tiny frog

#Fuquay to RTP commute could be an even bigger problem than I realized ...

Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress, and insomnia. - By Annie Lowrey - Slate Magazine:

Image via Slate

Couples in which one partner commutes for longer than 45 minutes are 40 percent likelier to divorce.
I think I usually make it to door to door in just under 45 minutes. Luckily, my snoring is under control, otherwise I think I'd be in great peril.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

From: "The Book of Air and Shadows" (Of tropes and gunslingers ...)

R World: Michael Gruber on Life and Fiction:

Quick Draw McGraw (via TV Acres)

"No, the movies come first. For example, no one ever had a fast-draw face-to-face shoot-out on the dusty Main Street in a western town. It never happened, ever. A screenwriter invented it for dramatic effect. It's the classic American trope, redemption through violence, and it comes through the movies. There were very few handguns in the real old west. They were expensive and heavy and no one but an idiot would wear them in a side holster. On a horse? When you wanted to kill someone in the Old West, you waited for your chance and shot him in the back, usually with a shotgun. Now we have a zillion handguns because the movies taught us that a handgun is something a real man has to have, and people really kill each other like fictional western gunslingers. And it's not just thugs. Movies shape everyone's reality, to the extent that it's shaped by human action - foreign policy, business, sexual relationships, family dynamics, the whole nine yards. It used to be the Bible but now it's movies."

"Literally Unbelievable" (Thanks to Parks and Rec, I hear this in Rob Lowe's voice.)

"Literally Unbelievable": "Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook"

D: It's not true. Shut up.  W: Shut up.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"The kid from Lowell rises to the bell ..." | The Fighter (2010) - Flickchart

The Fighter (2010) - Flickchart

This one has been sitting on top of the TV in its Netflix envelope for a few weeks; finally got a chance to watch it (with the in-laws, the number of f-bombs, which I might otherwise not have noticed, was a bit hilarious) and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. Strong performances from all the leads, an interesting family dynamic explored, and a little more context to a favorite Dropkick Murphys song:

"The Warriors Code" by Dropkick Murphys (embedding disabled)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bachmann looking at a Presidential bid announcement in Iowa next month?

Bachmann likely to announce in Iowa - Jonathan Martin - POLITICO.com:

Hours after Sarah Palin announced a bus tour of the east coast that could presage a presidential campaign, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) told reporters here that she was likely to announce a White House campaign next month in Waterloo, Iowa.
The field is already weak, with an emphasis on crazy ... this would push us into some kind of Satirist's Paradise.

Marine veteran killed in his home by SWAT team in botched narcotics raid

"He is survived by his wife of over eight years, Vanessa, and their two children, ages 4 and 5." | MetaFilter:

Jose Guerena (Image via www.kgun9.com)

Jose Guerena, 26, was a Marine veteran and father of two. He served two tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2005. On May 5th, he was killed in his home by a SWAT team looking for narcotics ...
They didn't find any. Guerena reportedly thought he was defending his family from a home invasion.  

Tornado Dog Crawls Home on Broken Legs (But, you can't go home again ...)

Tornado Dog Crawls Home on Broken Legs - But home is crushed, family can't care for him:

A still-happy pup blown away by an Alabama tornado last month managed to crawl on two broken legs back home, where his family found him this week wagging his tail on their front porch. Terrier-mix Mason completely snapped his two front legs, but managed painstaking travel on his doggie 'elbows.' Mason's injuries were deemed the 'most dramatic' of any dog survivor seen so far in the devastating southern tornadoes. Sadly, his family couldn't take him back because their home was crushed by the storm.
Happily, a benefactor has put Mason up at a local animal shelter. 

How do you handle the merge due to lane closure? (IL has new signs instructing motorists which strategy to employ.)

Today's lesson: When to merge on Interstate 74

Via Quad City Times

'I've battled that bridge for 26 years,' she said. 'It's so exasperating. I remember feeling angry at those people using the empty lane. Even though I would love to sneak over into the other lane, I feel guilty.' 
Aha! Therein lies our problem: We are too polite. We would rather spend an extra half hour in a single line, cursing the passers, than risk the crooked eye from a stranger in another car. The fix for this is fairness: If everybody takes a tooth in the so-called 'Zipper' system, everyone (supposedly) wins. 
'This is something I've seen done in Pennsylvania on a project, and we've talked about it over the years,' explained John Wegmeyer, project implementation engineer for Illinois DOT. 'We're trying to eliminate long backups and trucks and other vehicles trying to straddle the lanes.'
I'm not sure the Zipper is really the most efficient way, would like to see some studies. However, I think the signs are a great idea because they put all motorists on the same page and should minimize the conflict between Early Mergers and Last Minute Lane Changers.

Via The Browser 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Roll Call Vote on Motion to Proceed to Consider H. Con. Res. 34

U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Votes > Roll Call Vote:
Burr (R-NC), Yea
Remember, my fellow North Carolinians, remember.

Does Dreier really think they haven't suffered enough?

House Refuses To Vote On Abortion Coverage For Military Rape Victims
Image via HuffPo

'I think it's outrageous that we have young women who are serving our country and sacrificing their lives, and if they are raped and a pregnancy happens then they cannot utilize federal resources in order to have an abortion,' Rep. Davis told HuffPost. 'How can we tell a servicewoman that we would provide funding for her if she were sitting in a safe office in Washington, DC, but because she's fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan we tell her no? It's just not acceptable.' 
Instances of rape in the armed services are alarmingly common: The Pentagon reported more than 3,000 cases in FY 2009, and the Department of Defense estimates that reported incidents only account for a small fraction of the sexual assaults that actually occur. 
Davis said it is unclear exactly why the House Committee on Rules, led by Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.), decided that the amendment did not deserve to be debated or get a vote.


Republicans hate the troops. http://goo.gl/oovoT (@KRLgrrl needs to check this one out.)Wed May 25 21:35:46 via web

Bridesmaids (2011) - #Flickchart

Bridesmaids (2011) - Flickchart

Bridesmaids comes in at #245 on my Flickchart

The missus and I had a chance to take in Bridesmaids while down at the shore this week. Not a very good cinema (back breaking seats, dim screen, tinny sound, feint smell of urine[?]), which made the experience less than it should have been, but a very funny movie that had both of us laughing, at times until tears were pouring out our eyes.

(Minor spoilers follow ... ) The elderly couple in front of us was not amused. We couldn't help but wonder if they they thought they were in for a typically schmaltzy romcom. When the pooping started in earnest, and the vomit was flying, I think I may have accidentally kneed the back of one of their seats (tight rows), exacerbating their humorlessness.

Walking out of the theater, a couple of white-haired ladies hobbling in noted our red-eyed, breathless egress and asked hopefully, "It was funny?"  "Oh yes," we assured them, "you'll love it!"

A third of NC's Republicans wish the South had won Civil War

N.C. GOP evenly divided over wishing South had won Civil War | theCLog

The CLog's proposed NC GOP logo

33 percent of the GOP in North Carolina actually wishes the South had won the Civil War. I think it’s fair to say that in nearly any other country, if a full third of a major party’s members said they sided with the losing, rebel faction in that country’s previous civil war — not to mention implying that they are in favor of slavery — that party would be, to put it very, very mildly, discredited. But here? We’re so used to goobers having a say in how things are run — N.C. House Majority Leader Skip Stam, anyone? — it’s a one-day blog item that quickly sinks from public view.
I wish I could say I was surprised.

Bit of stretch, but since I just read a (typically) evil/hilarious news item about Virginia Foxx ...

Boston Review — Carol Muske-Dukes: Hate Mail:

Evil crone, born to ruin everything.

... If a pig

Flew out of a tree & rose to become
A blimp—you would write a poem
About it, ignoring the Greater Good,

The hard facts of gravity. You deserve to be
Flattened by the Greater Good—pigs don’t
Fly, yet your arrogance is that of a blimp

Which has long forgotten its place on this earth.
Big arrogance unmoored from its launch pad
Floating free, up with mangy Canadian honkers,

Up with the spy satellites and the ruined
Ozone layer which is, btw, caused by your breath,
Because you were born to ruin everything ...
... I'm imagining this poem was written with Foxx in mind. You just have to substitute "bill" for "poem" to make it work.   

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Years Later: When Will We See An Openly Gay Male Pro Athlete? (Still waiting ...)

cryptonaut-in-exile: When Will We See An Openly Gay Male Pro Athlete?

Billy Bean, via 2003 article in In These Times

A decade ago I might have guessed we were on the verge of having a "gay Jackie Robinson." I probably would've predicted we were, at most, 2 years away from the day gay players would be comfortable coming out of the closet. And yet, here we are ten years later and it hasn't happened yet. Marriage equality is gaining wide acceptance, Savage's 'It Gets Better Campaign' is drawing huge support, Will and Grace has been off the air for years, but there's Glee ... is it really still that bad in world of sports?

Sadly, it probably is.

It's long past time for straight players to start speaking publicly about about how they would support a gay teammate. They shouldn't be waiting for the question, they should be bringing it up, encouraging the discussion and forcing the homophobes in the locker rooms to paint themselves into a corner so the rest of us can know who the bad guys are and not buy their jerseys, not ask for their autographs, etc.

I'll make the prediction now that we are at least two years away from an openly gay athelete playing in one of the big four professional sports (I still count hockey), but not more than five.

Related: While this post was in scheduled status waiting for the ten years to pass since my original post, Rick Welts, an executive with the Phoenix Suns came out. Also, Charles Barkley had something sensible to say. He must not have been on TV. And then Frank Deford weighed in. This topic sure has been heating up ... maybe my two to five year prediction is too conservative now? 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preparing to engage Vacation Mode: Fort Macon State Park on the list of sites to see

N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation: - Welcome to Fort Macon State Park

Return of The Stone

The Times's Philosophy Series, The Stone, Returns - NYTimes.com:

We’re delighted to be bringing back The Stone. 
Last year we published more than 50 pieces by philosophers, with occasional contributions from philosophical thinkers in other fields. Our goal was to engage readers in discussion and thought with pieces that would deal with central philosophical issues, grapple with concerns of our times and bring philosophy out from the academy into the public realm.

Area man is Raptured.

YouTube - Raptured:

The finishing touch. 

Sean Chapin's petition leads to SF Giants video for 'It Gets Better' campaign

SF Giants to make video for 'It Gets Better' drive:

Sean Chapin via SFGate

San Francisco Giants will become the first professional sports team to jump into the burgeoning anti-homophobia campaign with an upbeat 'It Gets Better' video designed to bring hope to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people.

Deaf Leopards FTW

Arkansas School for the Deaf - Home

Awesome. I really hope they sell T-Shirts as a fundraiser and I'm just not seeing it on their site. If not, then ... hint, hint.

Via Ben Does Life

If a loved one in Wake County, NC has gone missing today, it's more likely they were mauled by a bear than the other thing.

Bear sightings spread to Cary :: WRAL.com:

Bear via WRAL

CARY, N.C. — For a third time this week, people have reported seeing a black bear roaming around Wake County.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cary-based Epic Games has smash hit with 'Gears of War 3'

Cary company has smash hit with 'Gears of War 3' :: WRAL.com

"It is one of the few times in our history that we’ve seen a title hit this level of pre-order numbers four months out from launch, putting Gears of 3 on track to be one of the year’s biggest blockbuster gaming hits," he said.

RIP Edward Hardwicke, Dr. Watson in the Granada Sherlock Holmes series

Edward Hardwicke, Watson on Sherlock Holmes Series, Dies at 78 - NYTimes.com

Hardwicke, right, alongside Jeremy Brett via NYTimes.com

Edward Hardwicke, who played Dr. John Watson opposite Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in a British television series shown in the United States in the 1980s and ’90s, died on Monday in Chichester, in southern England. He was 78.

Retrieving Blackbeard's anchor

Blackbeard's anchor subject of dive off NC coast :: WRAL.com

Blackbeard via WRAL

The work to retrieve an anchor from the wreck of what is believed to be the pirate Blackbeard's flagship will begin Thursday off the North Carolina coast, but what's underneath that artifact is just as interesting to researchers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DSK arrest reads like L&O:SVU script, we shouldn't be surprised if Hargitay and Meloni are already rehearsing.

After Complaint, IMF Chief's Arrest Was Swift : NPR

Strauss-Khan (via NPR.org)

Detectives from the Midtown South precinct were dispatched and interviewed the woman. 'Police often get flack for interviewing rape victims too aggressively,' says Deputy New York Police Commissioner Paul Browne, 'but they do it for a reason, to make sure the story hangs together, that there are no inconsistencies, and they were convinced.' Then, amazingly, while the police were there, Strauss-Kahn called the hotel, mistakenly believing that he had left a cell phone behind. The police coached hotel personnel to tell Strauss-Kahn that they had the cell phone and to ask where he was, and that they would get the phone to him.

He told them he was at JFK Airport, about to leave on a plane. Whereupon, the police called the Port Authority Police, said they were on their way and to hold the plane if necessary. They, in fact, got there 10 minutes before the plane was due to leave. According to police sources, the Port Authority officers boarded, asked Strauss-Kahn to come with them, that they had his cell phone, and when he got off the plane, the New York Police Department clapped the handcuffs on and took him away to the Special Victims Unit, the unit made famous on Law and Order.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WI Gov. Walker can't tolerate the idea of a human being comforting another human being in a time of need.

Walker seeks to stop defense of state's domestic partner registry - JSOnline:

"Dope" is the nicest thing you could say about this guy.

Gov. Scott Walker believes a new law that gives gay couples hospital visitation rights violates the state constitution and has asked a judge to allow the state to stop defending it.
If you want people to suffer because you think they're somehow less human than you are, or if you think you're better than somebody else because of how you were born (straight, rich, white, male, etc.), you're not a good person. It's that simple. You may have good qualities, you may be good at math, spelling, cooking, or any number of things, you may not be a complete, hopeless waste of space as a human being; however, when you're using your authority to increase the level of human suffering in the world because you're full of hate, then, on balance, you're a [expletive deleted]. I have no patience for anyone arguing somebody is not as entitled as they are to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on the basis of something as trivial as what gender of consenting adult they like to sex up.

"Ladies and gentleman, if I can direct your attention to the starboard side ..."

PhotoBlog - Awesome photo of shuttle from airplane:

Stefanie Gordon of Hoboken, N.J., captured three images and a 12-second video of the final launch of the Endeavour shuttle with her phone -- about 30 minutes before her flight arrived in Palm Beach, Fla.

This one almost slipped by me: UNC LAX fooled by MD

Lacrosse Bosses of the Day - The Daily What:

“So smooth with a six foot pole.”

SEO blah, blah, blah

'Google Doesn't Laugh': Saving Witty Headlines in the Age of SEO - David Wheeler - Technology - The Atlantic:

If all online searches are literal, what happens to the headlines that involve a play on words? Are those headlines relegated to the print edition, where headline writers have a captive audience? Indeed, as newspapers embrace search engine optimization, and as young journalists are taught to value Google visibility above all else, many copy editors fear that funny headlines are quickly going the way of the classified ad.

Via The Awl, poetically.

Galleon Founder Raj Rajaratnam Convicted (You're being robbed, day in and day out by guys in expensive suits, and you don't even know it.)

Galleon Founder Raj Rajaratnam Convicted - WSJ.com:

Image via WSJ

In a statement, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: 'Unlawful insider trading should be offensive to everyone who believes in, and relies on, the market. It cheats the ordinary investor.… We will continue to pursue and prosecute those who believe they are both above the law and too smart to get caught.'

Are cell phones really killing bees?

It's Official- Cell Phones are Killing Bees | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World:

Image via Inhabit.com

Scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones are to blame. Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also leads to their death.
OK, I didn't read the studies themselves, but the source article in the Daily Mail makes it sounds like for there to be an observable effect, the phones need to be in close proximity to the bees. If people are leaving their phones inside bee hives on a regular basis, then it sounds like they're on to something; otherwise, I'm not sold on this as an explanation yet. 

Raleigh-Durham ranked worst for gas guzzling by Forbes

The Cities That Guzzle The Least & Most Amounts Of Gas - The Consumerist

Barrel Monster futilely admonishes Triangle drivers to take public transportation. (Via flickr)

For example: Although New York City is huge and full of people, its denizens are much more likely to take the subway than say, those living in Raleigh-Durham, who think it's fine to just drive from one suburb to another whenever they need to.
Look, I took a bus from East Hartford to downtown Hartford when I worked there. I rode my bike from Madison's Capitol Square all the way out to the office park off Old Sauk past the West Beltline. I rode the train from Attleboro into Boston. But I drive from Fuquay to RTP because there is no other freaking way to get there. Public transportation here is a disgrace. I don't "think it's fine."


RT @pam3la: Raleigh ranked #1 worst Gas Guzzler. Not good.The Cities That Guzzle The Least & Most Amounts Of Gas ... http://bit.ly/kFUPWMWed May 11 22:22:28 via TweetDeck

(Sorry, this was posted earlier, but blogger shit the bed the other day and screwed up a ton of my tags, lost posts, and has apparently been restoring them in draft status sort of randomly. So, that's why you're seeing this again.)

Anything that makes voting more difficult sounds good to Republicans (NC GOP hopes to cut early voting)

Bid to cut NC early-voting has political tinge :: WRAL.com

Not so fast! (Image via WRAL)

Politically tinged legislation to cut North Carolina's early voting period by a week hinges on Democratic worries they'll lose voters and Republican insistence the shorter time is more efficient.

Lily white hetero marriage advocacy hate group uses models who look like they want to eat brains in advertisement for their Hate Your Neighbor Rally

Gay marriage row grows as NC legislature changes :: WRAL.com

The softer, gentler side of hate-mongering.

Christian conservatives will hold their biennial rally Tuesday morning in support of an amendment banning gay marriage. The rally organized by the Winston-Salem group Return America attracted thousands of people in 2007 and 2009.

North Carolina is the only Southeastern state that hasn't approved an amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman.
Let's keep it that way and show the rest of the country that the South isn't entirely composed of backwards, bigoted buffoons.

Have we stabilized Afghanistan yet? (Classic mnftiu)

www.mnftiu.cc � war78

Reminder via Jorn Barger

Monday, May 16, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes tribute/sequel is either not bad ...

Pants Are Overrated – A Comic Strip Adventure | Archive | Hobbes And Bacon

Detail from Hobbes and Bacon
... or BLASPHEMY! (Or something in between.)

Yabba dabba giggity.

Seth MacFarlane Will Remake The Flintstones -- Vulture:

Too much of a good (?) thing? Via I-Love-Cartoons

Not content to have a mere three animated comedies on the Fox schedule, Family Guy mastermind Seth MacFarlane is developing a fourth ... and it's a doozy. Deadline reports that MacFarlane has gotten the green light to mount a new version of The Flintstones, the original prime-time cartoon.

Carlos Santana speaks out on AZ and GA immigration laws at the Civil Rights Game

Carlos Santana to Georgia: You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

Santana via Newser

'This is about fear. Stop shucking and jiving. People are afraid we're going to steal your job. No we aren't. You're not going to change sheets and clean toilets,' continued Santana, who was at the Braves-Phillies game to receive the Beacon of Change Award. 'This is the United States. This is the land of the free. If people want the immigration laws to keep passing, then everybody should get out and leave the American Indians here.'

Tough Without a Gun

LRB · Jenny Diski · A bout de Bogart:

Bogey and Bacall (via the Daily Mail)

This mixture of jobbing actor’s insecurity and confusion between himself and his characters’ idealism played out in the politics of the time and Bogart’s part in it. He joined a planeload of stars to tour the US and ended up in Washington in support of Hollywood’s Unfriendly Nineteen (‘unfriendly’, that is, to the House Un-American Activities Committee). These were dangerous times for unwitting (witless?) actors. Ginger Rogers’s mother assured the committee that her daughter had refused to say ‘Share and share alike – that’s democracy’ in Tender Comrade because of the line’s red tint. But Bogart stood shoulder to shoulder with Bacall, Danny Kaye, Paul Henreid and others, in defence of their fellow actors and scriptwriters. However, when the blacklists began, Sam Spade started to shade into the paranoid, whingeing Fred C. Dobbs of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and the deluded Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny. Kanfer quotes Alistair Cooke: ‘Bogart was aghast to discover [that many of the protestors] were down-the-line Communists coolly exploiting the protection of the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. He had thought they were just freewheeling anarchists, like himself.’ Not so freewheeling, not so anarchistic; and surely Harry Morgan of To Have and Have Not wouldn’t have had an aghast moment in his life. Bogart signed an article entitled ‘I’m No Communist’ in Photoplay in which he (or a Warner Brothers publicist) explained that the trip to Washington was ‘ill-advised’ and that he was a dupe, a ‘foolish and impetuous American’.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Echoes of Byron in the Gaiman-penned Doctor Who tonight?

Auntie got to select an arm (the other one, not pictured).

The Corsair by George Gordon Lord Byron:
... And unto ears as rugged seem'd a song!
In scatter'd groups upon the golden sand,
They game-carouse-converse-or whet the brand:
Select the arms-to each his blade assign,
And careless eye the blood that dims its shine.
Repair the boat, replace the helm or oar,
While others straggling muse along the shore:
For the wild bird the busy springes set,
Or spread beneath the sun the dripping net:
Gaze where some distant sail a speck supplies
With all the 'thirsting eve of Enterprise ...
Probably a stretch, but still, a character called 'The Corsair' ...

As for the early reviews ...

The A.V. Club  gives it a stamp approval for many of the same reasons I enjoyed it, this was a chance to play with the relationship between The Doctor and the TARDIS, flesh it out, as it were, and it was nicely done. Someone in the comments beat me to pointing out the similarities to "The Brain of Morbius," one of my all-time favorites.

Sepinwall's review doesn't, I think, take into account past references to the TARDIS being a living thing, or at least having a soul/sentience; however, the point that this was an intriguing, if not original, way of exploring the relationship between the lonely Time Lord and his only permanent companion comes across clearly here as well.

I've seen nothing but effusive praise on Twitter, where fans (it seems to me) might be trying to shine Gaiman's knob a bit in hopes of an @ reply. I've also seen some muted, underwhelmed responses that I totally get. I enjoyed the episode, but wasn't blown away by it, and I'd secretly hoped I would be. I do think it's one that will hold up well and perhaps gain from repeated viewing.

The 10 Best Star Trek Episodes (Across all series)

The 10 Best Star Trek Episodes - io9

"The Inner Light" ST:TNG

"Yesterday's Enterprise," the ST:TNG episode that brought Denise Crosby back (for the first time) would've made my list, but this is a pretty good list anyways.

"Yesterday's Enterprise" ST:TNG

Hey you guys, stop trying to enslave Rand Paul.

ThinkProgress | Rand Paul: If You Believe In A Right To Health Care, ‘You Believe In Slavery’:

Rand Paul

PAUL: With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. It means that you’re going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses.

YouTube - The Avengers: Emma Peel & The Kinks

YouTube - The Avengers: Emma Peel & The Kinks:

Yep. Mrs. Peel. That is all.

Raleigh-Durham ranked worst for gas guzzling by Forbes

The Cities That Guzzle The Least & Most Amounts Of Gas - The Consumerist

Barrel Monster futilely admonishes Triangle drivers to take public transportation. (Via flickr)

For example: Although New York City is huge and full of people, its denizens are much more likely to take the subway than say, those living in Raleigh-Durham, who think it's fine to just drive from one suburb to another whenever they need to.
Look, I took a bus from East Hartford to downtown Hartford when I worked there. I rode my bike from Madison's Capitol Square all the way out to the office park off Old Sauk past the West Beltline. I rode the train from Attleboro into Boston. But I drive from Fuquay to RTP because there is no other freaking way to get there. Public transportation here is a disgrace. I don't "think it's fine."


RT @pam3la: Raleigh ranked #1 worst Gas Guzzler. Not good.The Cities That Guzzle The Least & Most Amounts Of Gas ... http://bit.ly/kFUPWMWed May 11 22:22:28 via TweetDeck
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