Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inside Job (2010) - Flickchart (How foxes run a chicken coop.)

Inside Job (2010) - Flickchart

A calm, measured dissection of the greedy [expletive deleted]s running the banks and, to an unhealthy degree, our government. I didn't study business when I was an undergrad, so the part of the movie about how business schools (particularly the elite schools) are failing us was one of the more illuminating. Sometimes, I feel like a crank pointing out that it would be comical if it weren't so criminal, what complete failures Boards of Directors are at fulfilling their mission, so it was reaffirming to hear it discussed in the context of executive compensation in this film.

While ranking the movie, saw this tweet fly by:

Fred Mishkin on Bloomberg tv now. Maybe they will play this clip from "Inside Job" http://bit.ly/fVzcQzMon Mar 28 16:06:15 via TweetDeck

Well played, Mr. Saluzzi. After being so thoroughly discredited, I can't help but wonder what reputable news organization would seek Mishkin's analysis?
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