Saturday, March 19, 2011

Donyell Marshall in the building as Kemba Walker breaks his UCONN single season scoring record.

UCONN great Donyell Marshall
Always glad to see Donyell, one of the best UCONN players ever. If Chris Smith, Tate George, Scott Burrell, and Nadav Henefeld put the Huskies on the map, Donyell did as much as anyone to keep them there.

Update: I wondered when I noticed the phone in his hand and, yes, he's tweeting ...

I have know Kemba Since he was a Freshman. Great kid on and off the Court. Glad I was able to be at the game in person for whenSun Mar 20 02:59:56 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

He Broke My single season record for most points in a season at Uconn. Wanna be the First to Congratulate him. Well Done. Now a Final 4Sun Mar 20 03:02:11 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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