Friday, May 28, 2004

Powers of 10

Zoom In

Those Wacky Bushes!

Village Voice piece on conspiracies, the Bushes (Prescott through Shrub), Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, etc...

Tangentially, I dig the author's name: Gary Indiana. Called to mind bored days in eighth grade spent filling those little blue exam books with The Adventures of Gary Indiana and Mark Jones -- serialized fiction at it's most unclever, written when I should've been studying my algebra so I wouldn't ultimately grind to a mathematical halt at algebra II in high school.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Is Star Trek: Enterprise the Final Nail?


Next year could be the first without a new Trek series on the air since I got out of high school. I blame, in no particular order: Scott Bakula (terrible actor), the theme song of Enterprise (it must drive away viewers by thousands), UPN (might as well put the show on QVC in the middle of the night), the entire cast of Voyager (for being thoroughly bland and unlikeable and for teaching us geeks that just because a new Star Trek is on that doesn't mean we can't be doing something else), and Alexander (forget Wesley Crusher, Worf's son was the definitive episode killer). I've only seen a few episodes of Enterprise but have been impressed by the production quality. I just can't stay with it because Bakula is a drag, because I always change the channel when Power Balladeer Theme Song Singer Guy commences to kicking me in the nuts with his "faith of the heart" styling so I end up watching a Law and Order repeat instead. Last night's episode looked great, but I felt like the story was too all over the place with transdimensional beings and the giant spheres and Archer having been 400 years in the future and all this stuff is a little jarring because it just doesn't seem to fit in the continuity. Where were all these species during the TNG/DS9 years?

Jack of Smarts

Why the Internet Generation loves to play poker. [Washington Monthly]

The tone is friendly but 'pasty-faced video game nerds want to feel like men' is the call.

Three Cheers for Monkey Boy!

"Monkey Boy is considered one of the premier minor league entertainment acts in North America, and the popularity of Monkey Boy is continually growing as he brings a comical and energetic performance which creates lasting memories for his fans.

Monkey Boy is the Ape of Antics, the Champ of the Chimps, the Gorilla of Gags, the Lemur of Laughs, the Obnoxious Orangutan, the Primate of Pranks, the Baboon of Buffoonery, the Monkey of Mischief!" (Thanks to Fut for the link.)

Monday, May 10, 2004

Death of a Master

Anthony Ainsley, the Roger Moore of Masters, has passed away under something of a veil of secrecy. Ainsley evinced a willingness to chew scenery that endeared him to many a Who fan, myself included. Never saw him in anything else and am a little sad he'll not be a part of the new series.

Sunday, May 2, 2004

Sweet Victory

Poker night finally went my way. I did well out of the gate and fell on hard times: my modus operandi. Got to the point I was forced to go all-in by the big blind when it was at 40 (I had 35 of the 1600+ chips that were in play at that point), but that's where I caught my first River card and started a steady climb. I feel (a little) guilty about catching cards on the River and doubling up twice at my brother's expense; but, I've been screwed out of pots that should've been mine enough times that I deserved to finally be on the delivering end of a bad beat.
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