Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twitter Was Act One (Profile of Dorsey looks back at 'twttr', ahead to Square.)

Twitter Was Act One | Business | Vanity Fair:

Jack Dorsey (Image via Vanity Fair)

Jack Dorsey’s belief in the power of Twitter, however, has never waned. (One incentive: he’s the second-largest individual shareholder in the company.) Several months ago, Dorsey re-ignited his relationship with Twitter’s management, though only after Williams, 38, had agreed to step down as C.E.O., last October. That said, Dorsey has a lot on his plate. In 2009 he discovered something that excited him just as much as Twitter. That’s when he co-founded Square, where he is now C.E.O. Square is a service that allows any individual or small business to easily accept payment by credit card; users simply download an app, attach a plastic square to a tablet or a mobile phone, and then swipe a card through a slot. Just as Twitter made anyone a broadcaster or pundit or diarist, Square can make anyone a merchant. 
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