Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"There is no forgiveness in me, only revenge." (RI killer scheduled for early release.)

Killer of South Kingstown boy Jason Foreman to be released in August, 12 years early | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal:

But Woodmansee, who in 1982 tried to strangle the local paperboy and ended up confessing to killing Jason, wasn’t sentenced to forever. He got 40 years to serve.

Now, because of a prison reward system that shaves 10 days or more a month off inmates’ sentences for good behavior, the perpetrator of one of Rhode Island’s most detestable crimes is scheduled to be released 12 years sooner.
The victim's father says he'll kill Woodmansee if he's released.
I have been able to visit Jason and his mother, Joice, at their gravesite with only love in my heart for them. But now I’m afraid to visit, now that the terrible memories are back to haunt me and my family. There is no forgiveness in me, only revenge.
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