Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blogpost of the Week: "' antiquity its due reverence': Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" | Vaka Rangi

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I haven't exactly kept up on my intended schedule (weekly) of posting these so, in case you don't recall, my stated aim is to highlight the best post I've read on a proper blog in a given week. (Give or take.) What you won't find honored with the shiny new canva graphic are: essays in the New Yorker, or posts on a site like Vox or Medium. This honor is for the internet's red-headed stepchild only: posts written by a blogger on that humble relic, the oft-eulogized but not-dead-yet labor of love, the independent blog. (Whenever possible, it will be one on such a tight budget that it's still got the '' in the URL.)

Last time, Shabogan Graffiti got the nod. (Told you, I'm behind schedule!) This time around, I wanted to draw attention to another fantastic Vaka Rangi post, this time on one of the Star Trek film franchise's lesser-loved entries. If you're a fan of any Star Trek and aren't already reading Vaka Rangi, do yourself a favor and go catch up. If you're only a fan of thoughtfulness, insight, and lovely writing, you'll still be well-rewarded for taking the time to check Josh's blog.

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