Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Announcing: Bigger on the Inside, The World's Smallest #DoctorWho Fanzine (Allegedly)

Tonight, cryptonaut-in-exile is proud (well proud-ish) to announce the launch of a new Doctor Who 'zine, the World's Smallest* Fanzine: Bigger on the Inside!

Like your regular size fanzines, it's got original fiction, useful information, original art and photography, and an essay, of sorts.

So there it is. Digital and paper copies of Issue #1 are free while supplies last!

In fact, if you're interested in contributing to a fanzine, but want to start small. Literally. Reach out to me through the comments, or on twitter, and I'll send you a template/guidelines you can use to create a piece of content that will fit. If your material meets our stringent editorial guidelines, you could be a featured contributor in Issue #2**

Honestly though, it's so small, if you wanted to monkey around and make one of your own, just let me know and I'll send you the template I created and the folding instructions so you can print and make your own.

Got a child that's a fan of Adventure Time or Gravity Falls and wants to start a fanzine with their friends? Use my template and *bam* your little one could be publishing their own 'zine (and burning through all your printer ink) in no time flat! They'll either be publishing magnates, or in trouble for littering, by the end of the week.

* "World's Smallest" claim not verified. 
** Editorial guidelines to be determined. Chances of there being an Issue #2 ... slim.

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