Sunday, March 15, 2015

The AAC Championship & Wizard Comic Con Raleigh Had To Be On Same Day

Headed up to Raleigh with Number One Son today for our first con together, so that's great. But, when I got the tickets, I didn't think there'd be a conflict with AAC tournament. UConn can steal a bid to the NCAA tournament with a win today ... and I'm going to miss it. (Well, I'll surely be checking my feed for updates from @adimeback and @noescalators, but y'know ... )

Anyways, Go Huskies! #BleedBlue and all that ... we're off to get our nerd on.

This, by the way, is almost exactly what I thought while watching the game yesterday:

Although, with apologies to the missus and Joe D'Ambrosio, my first thought during all the stretches where the Huskies couldn't score was more along the lines of, "C'mon, ESPN, put the camera back on DB," without considering whether Joe would be in the shot or not. Or anyone else. ~swoons~

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