Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Incarcerated Humanist Sues NC DOC For Group Study Privileges Christian And Muslim Inmates Enjoy

NC Prison Inmate Sues Department Of Correction For Atheist Group Study | WUNC

Kwame Teague
Teague asked officers at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution for group study space, similarly to how Christians receive room for Bible study. State Department of Corrections officials denied his request on the grounds that the department does not categorize as a religion either atheism or humanism, a set of beliefs and philosophies that Teague says he practices.
The secularism angle is what caught my eye, but the fact the subject of the story is an author and, apparently, is also a jailhouse apostate from Islam who now identifies as a humanist was intriguing. Whether he's innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted aside, he's got a fair point here. Prisons shouldn't be in the business of granting privileges for religionists they won't grant to atheists or humanists. This strikes me as something so obvious it ought to be non-controversial?

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