Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tennessee, where it's still 1925 and we have to fight the same battles over and over. #secularism

Tennessee School Officials Post Ten Commandments in County Schools:

1925 may as well be 2012.
Image via TN History for Kids! (Where Darwin's theory is still controversial!)
This community cares nothing about its children because they would rather throw taxpayer money toward fighting an unnecessary legal battle instead of spending it on the children in the district. It’s irresponsible and selfish. Residents should be ashamed of their elected officials.
Absent accountability, theocratic goons will continue to abuse their authority. Sadly, none of them will lose their jobs or face punitive damages that would dissuade other proselytizers from trying the same thing. The residents should be ashamed, but they're not, maybe but for an isolated few. Secularism isn't understood, never mind appreciated as an American value, because -- in  large part -- the public schools those kids' parents went to failed them.

Jamestown, TN, where this is playing out, is about 80 miles, from Dayton, TN. More than close enough to the site of the Scopes Trial that these people should know better.

Where's Clarence Darrow when we need him?
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