Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another day, another food truck: @Chick_N_Que

Unidentified co-worker darting into my shot of the truck.
NC eastern style chopped chicken barbecue. Yes, it's vinegar based, but not like you expect. Our old family recipe gives it just the right flavor you can't wait to sink your mouth into again and again.
I'll say right up front, Eastern NC-style BBQ is not my favorite. I was reluctant to try this, but if I'm going to be diligent about sampling the food trucks around here, it's going to mean rolling the dice and taking my chances a few times.

As a cheapskate, one of my first concerns is value, and I felt like I got an appropriate amount of sandwich and fries for the price. My sandwich was $5, the seasoned fries $3, and for ordering both I got a "free soda." $3 would've been too much for the fries if the soda weren't included, but $8 total for the combo felt reasonable.

The sandwich was very tasty. Instead of the nasty vinegary flavor you get off a lot of NC BBQ, this sauce was only mildly vinegary versus predominantly sweet with touch of heat that I think may have hinted at a bit of habanero in the sauce? (I could have been imagining that, there were some red peppers bits in the chicken that may have been providing the hint of pepper instead.) The chicken itself was succulent and cooked just right.

I have to say though that when you are a making  a simple sandwich (meat and bread) ... it's a bit disappointing when the bread is just generic supermarket blandness. I'm not one these guys that expects his drink to come with hand-carved, artisanal ice cubes made from spring water distillate from copper still, so I don't expect them to be baking the bread in the truck or anything, but that chicken deserved a better a partner. Certainly a local bakery could provide a complimentary bun without increasing the cost too much? 

The seasoned fries were hot, crispy, and the seasoning served them well.  There's nothing more depressing than a box of soggy, tasteless fries. These weren't earth-shaking or anything, but were in no way disappointing.

All-in-all, I look forward to trying this truck again. I might just do the chicken over the fries and skip the roll.

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