Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heroic 2nd Amendment-loving citizen uses his firearm to defend his family. (I'm kidding, of course, it's just another shithead with a gun menacing his family and neighbors.)

Sniper shoots Fremont man accused of threatening wife, deputies ::

Couldn't find a picture of the gunman, but you can see what a dangerous neighborhood he lives in.

A SWAT team sniper shot an armed Fremont man [James Gary Moskos] Friday night after he chased his wife, injured a neighbor and threatened authorities who sought to stop him, according to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.
There are people who live in high crime areas that, sadly, I can at least understand why they are afraid and feel they need a weapon for self defense. Mostly though, unless you've got Crips on one side and Bloods on the other, you're probably just a coward if you think you need a gun. If it were possible to study data on injuries related to firearms, I think you'd find that simply having a gun in your home makes you and your loved ones less safe, regardless of how safe it makes you feel. It would be nice if statistics were actually available to confirm this. Ever wonder it's so hard to find facts, but so easy to find pro-gun propaganda? Yeah, me too.

I've been toying with the idea of devoting a week to gathering every news report I can find for a week, from across the country, that involved the discharge of a firearm over that seven day period to see how many instances I could find of a citizen successfully defending him- or herself with a legally owned and registered weapon versus how many instances of deliberate or accidental injury resulting from the firing of any weapon. Has any other blogger or journalist done this exercise already?


  1. Man I hate seeing shit like this. We're not all mindless whackjobs armed to the teeth. Yes, I own a handgun, and I used to own *gasp* an "assault rifle" - and I wish I still did.

    Guns are only as dangerous as their owners, the fact that we DON'T background check all buyers and enforce strict laws on who, where, and how they're sold is the problem.

    But what do I know, I'm just some commie, pinkie, liberal douche bag.

  2. If he didn't have that gun, the King of England could come over here and take over.

  3. [Also, I tried to do a weekly gun piece at Skeptical Eye, and I got depressed and gave it up after 3 weeks... it's really, really bad out there... lots of kids...]

  4. I did a quick search on Skeptical Eye for 'guns' and read most of the posts & comments that search brought back. Bret, you're surrounded by some real peaches over there. Good grief.


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