Friday, September 9, 2011

Gay teen encouraged to leave Connecticut Christian school ("Encouraged" = withdraw or be expelled)

Gay teen encouraged to leave Connecticut Christian school -

Image via follow up post.

"They say they accept all religions, they don't discriminate," she said. "They're holding their standards, but those are not even made clear." The website mentions nothing about sexual orientation, and there is no faith clause, she said.

"I think my big problem with the church and Christian schools is if you're going to accept folks outside the religion, how do they know what the standards are?" said Lodovico. "If you don't make those clear, then let's let kids know what they're getting into. Let parents know."
Legally, private schools can discriminate. It should come as no surprise a Christian one, even one open to other faiths (read: "If you're a sucker for any religion, we think we can convert you."), would discriminate in this way. It sounds like Miss Aviles is doing just fine and her leaving is the school's loss not hers.

What this story ought to remind us though is discrimination is alive and well, and (some, Christian) adults are perfectly content to use their power over young people to attempt to shame them, and tell them they are somehow wrong, broken, or immoral when, the situation is quite reverse. When someone who's done nothing wrong is bullied for no good reason, and that is what's happened here, it's the bully who is wrong, broken, and acting immorally.

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  1. I think when these schools / other faith-based organisations say that they "welcome everyone", they do, just so long as you're prepared to completely suspend everything you are (gay, muslim, atheist, etc.) while you're in their club.

    It's like a passive form of conversion ... they want you to join them and automatically decide for yourself to keep your head down and be everything they want you to be ... and if you can't do that, well, they'll just kick you out on some trumped-up standards excuse.

    That way they can claim that they don't discriminate because they invite all-comers, AND they can kick you out if you don't adhere to some unwritten rule. A standard case of have cake / eat it too :)


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