Sunday, September 3, 2000


Zoiks, now I feel really bad. My comments on SurvivorBlog got posted over there. (I called it "lame.") The thing is though, I look around at our amateurish layout, grammatical and spelling errors, and feel more than a little insecure about what I do here. Now, I feel mean for dogging another site which, by the way, has a much nicer layout than our's and feel like I should try to qualify my comments a little bit. When I looked over there, all I read were posts about other posts and the few links I followed were boring. (Boring to me, I should probably say.) Based on the posts I read, it seemed like the format was limiting the posts to self-referential blah, blah, blah-ing. I'm sure the bloggers over there are intelligent, good-hearted people who deserve better than to have their work called "lame."
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