Thursday, September 7, 2000

Not The Eye!

Gross story, but true: I was out mowing the lawn last night and a bug flew in my eye. It was irritating as hell, but I couldn't get the thing out. After finishing the lawn, I didn't notice it anymore and forgot about it. This morning at work both my eyes were itchy and irritated like they are everyday on account of all the dusty old files piled around my desk. I'm talking to Carolyn and rubbing my eyes and suddenly she says, "what the hell just floated across your eye?" She grabs my head and starts looking around my eye. Nothing there though. I figure she's overworked and seeing things. About an hour later, I'm rubbing my eyes and when I pull my hand away from my left eye, there's something dark on my hand. Closer look: dead bug. Damn thing had been floating around in my eye all night and half the morning. I'm eye squeamish, always have been ... can't even put drops in my eyes. That almost made me throw up.
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