Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Get Back To Me When You Carry Your Own Bag, Douche

Reading a little more about the Casey Martin case at CNNSI.com the argument advanced by Martin's attorney cites "a provision of the ADA that bans discrimination on the basis of disability 'in the full enjoyment of ... facilities ... of any place of public accommodation.' The law's definition of public accommodation includes recreational places such as golf courses." I don't think this is a strong argument. The PGA isn't saying Martin can't use a golf cart to play golf anywhere at any time, just not in the course of one of their events. I'm more certain now that Martin will lose. It's a shame. It doesn't hurt the game to have him play with a cart. I'm not denying that walking the course isn't part of the competition, it'll tire out big fat guys. It's not like it's that hard though. These guys aren't carrying their own bags. I get exhausted playing 18 holes, but I carry my bag and it's full of beer and ice and it's heavy! Wusses, pro golfers are wusses.
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