Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Blog Side Project: DigiCards

Front image of the Moriah Jefferson motion digicard
Me and card collecting go way back. Back to my elementary school days collecting baseball cards. Mostly Topps, but also Fleer cards, and Donruss, even collected a few "3D" mini-cards from a maker I don't remember -- but I want to say was a collectible issued through some Hostess cupcake promotion, or something like that. 

Even today, I've put the digital card apps on my phone and have some Star Wars and MLB cards I'm hoarding, ostensibly for when my son or daughter are interested enough to take over the accounts. 

But, I always wanted to make my own cards. (A solipsist by nature, I wanted to make cards of me playing Little League, as Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back; and, I wanted to make cards for my favorite authors. ["I'll trade you two Piers Anthonys for that Heinlein Grandmasters card," I imagined was how the schoolyard swapping might go ...])

So, to scratch that childhood itch, I've launched a new sideproject for the ol' blog. There's a link to the index page for the cards I've created on the right-hand side, or you can jump in and view the first motion card of Moriah Jefferson in action against Syracuse. Cards for Stewie and Tuck are up already as well.

If you're not a fan of UConn Women's hoops, the first series of cards are probably not going to be of much interest to you. Stick around though, I've got the beginnings of a film noir series in mind. Yo La Tengo cards won't be far behind those.

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