Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pearl Mackie (@pearlie_mack) Announced As New Who Companion

Here's the announcement:

She's wearing a Prince t-shirt there! Don't know when this was filmed, seems likely it would've been before the terrible news broke, but either way it's perfect. (Nice to see some new footage in the announcement, but it stings a little that we're still a long way off from new episodes.)

Always afraid to look at what the tweeps are saying, you never know when the MRA/Racist Egg Brigade is going to shit in the pool, but a quick glance shows nothing but warm welcomes and well wishing in response to her first tweet since the announcement. That's tremendously encouraging.

I haven't seen her in anything before but just the brief clip, the glowing reviews I'm reading from those who have seen her, and the fact she reads like a lovely person make this an exciting announcement.

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