c-i-e DigiCards: Moriah Jefferson

Getting experimental with the third card in the 2016 UConn Women's Championship team series, Moriah Jefferson's card is the first to feature a GIF. (Please give it a moment, I'm pushing the limits of what's possible here; the interwebs and your hardware will struggle to keep up. Which is another way of saying I have a lot to learn about optimizing, compression, web standards, etc.)

When she made that layup against Syracuse in the 2016 Championship game, I had to do a double take. "She did not!" either Tiffany or I exclaimed, I forget which one of us, but sentiment was mutual. We knew we were watching a special player putting the finishing touches on championship run that would not, could not, be denied.

Desktop/laptop: hover over card to flip to back, move off the card to restore the front image.
Mobile: tap the card to flip, tap off the card to flip back to front.

Front of card GIF created by me, from source video found on the UConn Huskies youtube channel, using makeagif.com [higher def source GIF here]
Photo credit: Michael Conroy, AP

Used under Fair Use. Please contact cdogzilla[at]gmail, @cdogzilla to request takedown or correction to the credit.

This digicard is made available for free with link back to this page being appreciated, and photograph credit left intact, if copied or shared.

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