Friday, May 3, 2013

Philosophical review of Balloon Pop Outlaw Black By Patricia Lockwood

Poetry can explore philosophical ideas that are too abstract or chaotic for the usual grammar of reason. As the moorings of human culture and civilization are dislodged from place and nation and as art culture and consumer culture devour each other in Escherian permutations of natural selection while physicists discover mysteries where they used to derive laws, poetry becomes more relevant as a tool for understanding what is going on around us ... What can we know about the things in our lives? What is the relationship between the thing and its properties? How do things possess their properties? ... Lockwood leverages the philosophical capacity of poetry to explore how mass media, the fluidity of quantum physics, and the idea of precession of simulacra, destabilize the idea of “properties,” and how that destabilization changes the relationship between the things and the properties that define them. Along the way, she writes strange, brilliant, fantastic poems.
This is on my "to read" list, but I haven't got to it yet. It should follow naturally from my current reading of TARDIS Eruditorum though. How can we know Doctor Who? Perhaps Lockwood's poetic examination of Popeye can help us suss mysteries like this out.

Read: "The Last of the Late Great Gorilla-Suit Actors"

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