Monday, May 13, 2013

And then there's how some of us take our analysis of Doctor Who kind of seriously ...

Morphosis: Out of the Frye-ing pan:

c-i-e Pop Quiz: which sci-fi critic archetype in this image is a specialist in Doctor Who studies?
... this resonates so strongly with me partly because science fiction was something I fell in love with as a child-reader. I still love it; still write it and write about it. But I'm increasingly conscious of the ways in which the exercise is based upon a kind of structural hermeneutic inadequacy. 'Our most deeply satisfying responses are often made in childhood, to be seen later as immature over-reacting' is almost a too perfect thumbnail of the adult apprehension of SF; and SF criticism always a kind of running-to-catch-up uttering various post-facto justifications.
It's not really germane but, if someone said this to me face-to-face, as much as it's a thoughtful and provocative insight into the act and art of criticism, I'm pretty sure I couldn't resist saying: "I got y'r 'structural hermeneutic inadequacy' right here, buddy."

Gerry Canavan 

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