Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thirty Cents Is Not The Real Problem Here

Florida governor hopefuls flub minimum wage figure | Reuters:
MIAMI, Oct 26 (Reuters) - In recession-hit Florida, where economic gloom and high unemployment have been central to the Nov. 2 election campaign, the two candidates for governor have been given low marks for not being able to specify the state's minimum wage.

Their ignorance of the exact figure, in a state saddled with the fourth highest jobless rate in the nation, came to light on Monday night during a nationally televised debate between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink.
That's a little embarrassing for these two guys, but they were only off by thirty cents. I can cut them some slack for that.  The real embarrassment here, the more damning ignorance that goes beyond these two candidates, is the fact that the minimum wage is only $7.25! That's the national embarrassment; to be ignorant of the fact that's a demeaning, inadequate number is the real shame. $7.25 * 40 (hours/week) * 52 weeks = Gross Annual Salary $15,080.00. 
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