Friday, January 17, 2003

Isn't That Nascent Serial Killer Behavior

There's appalling (see below) and then there's Omigod, who made this up?appalling. How come no one has been talking about Trent Lott's replacement Bill Frist's past as a cat-killer? (Oh, right, that darn liberal media again!) I haven't heard much about this story at all. (In fact, the link is to a Google cached page because this isn't making much news I could find.) When Frist was a medical student, he would go to area shelters and adopt cats. Only instead of providing homes for them as he promised, he'd take them home and experiment on them, killing them in the process. Can you picture someone pitching this storyline on The West Wing? "And, uh, Bartlett has a Republican opponent who used to kill cats in his basement..." I've worked in an animal shelter, taking care of animals and screening potential homes. I can't really describe how enraged I would be if someone posed as a good owner and then intentionally killed one of my dogs or cats.

This isn't some wild Internet rumor either. Frist confessed his training methods in his own autobiography (written before he was a politician), which is now - see the linked story - extremely difficult to find. (Update: I had to change the link because the first one went off the web. It now goes to a Cockburn article, which mentions the story, but not the now-rare autobiography angle.)
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