Thursday, April 26, 2001

Turtle Racing

Stallone writes at - Page2 - What drove me to 'Driven'
I also think people are drawn to racing on a subliminal level. Racing is a microcosm of life. We race to pay taxes, to fall in love, to fall out of love, to get home, to get a job. We race against each other, against ourselves, against time. You name it -- turtles, mice, balloons, planes -- we race it. And I thought, "If I could somehow tap into why we are so attracted to racing, we'd really touch on more than just the obvious in a racing movie."
So, don't be fooled moviegoers .. this one's gonna be deep. Turtles, baby, We race turtles. I want to know where that drive comes from and I believe Sly's movie will tell me. Plus, it's directed by Renny "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" Harlin.
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