Sunday, April 1, 2001


New meta-review attempts to convince you to ignore superior critic Charles Taylor and go see Memento.

Took Friday off from work and went up to Beantown to catch Memento in the afternoon followed by the Celtics and Pacers that evening. Boston Friday was hellish. Bitterly cold rain and umbrella inverting wind. My bone marrow still hasn't thawed. Stupid Celtics, by the way, have no guard play to speak of and don't deserve to make the playoffs. Paul Pierce is awesome though.

Stuck in traffic on the way home, I learned of the UConn women's cruel fate at the hands of Notre Dame. I'm glad I didn't witness the debacle. I don't think that kind of second half collapse happens to them if Shea and/or Svet are playing. Credit to McGraw, Riley and the Notre Dame program ... here's hoping they carry the flag for the Big East and take the championship. Now that college basketball is over (don't even talk to me about Duke and Arizona) I can turn my attention to baseball ... which promises to be disappointing as Everett continues to act as a cancer on the Bosox, Nomar finally succumbs to the scalpel for his split tendon, and Manny Ramirez's blasts to center die in the triangle.
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