Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills

In the CD player now I've got The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills (The King of Western Swing), which is available for purchase from the mighty fine Bloodshot Records label. I should disclose prior to giving the hardsell that my granddad used to spin old Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys LPs when I was just a toddler, thereby conditioning my growing neural network to be pre-disposed to love western swing forevermore. Even if you weren't so lucky as to have a granddad that listened to cool music, I can't believe there is a heart so black, a soul so depraved, or an ear so tone deaf that it wouldn't love this music. The arrangements on this disc are tight, the guest vocalists universally fine ... Sally Timms, of course, can do no wrong while Kelly Hogan, Bob Boyd, and Chris Mills turn in spot on performances as well. Ordering through Bloodshot was a smooth and painless process and the folks in shipping were quick as bunnies; I received the CDs I ordered in good condition four days later.
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