Saturday, April 21, 2001

Choose Wisely

Freddy Got Fingered. Whatever. How about this ... how about I only charge you $5, saving you $3-$4, and just tell you that Tom Green is a dipshit? I won't even make you give me the 92 minutes of your life you could otherwise never get back. You keep the 92 minutes. Use them to give your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend a nice massage that s/he will truly appreciate instead, treat him or her to a refreshing Dairy Queen treat -- you still come out ahead $$$-wise, and your significant other will think you are a sweetie-pie. Or, go see the new Tom Green movie. But, I have a feeling that stink won't wash off. If you simply must see a movie, why not go see Crouching Tiger again? Or The Tailor of Panama, that was decent.
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