Monday, October 11, 2010

What's the Current Dig Dug High Score?

Chilean Miners: Officials Prepare Escape Shaft for Trapped Men - ABC News:

33 Will Be the New High

After the rescue begins, a paramedic and rescue coordinator will then be lowered into the hole, and the men will pulled out one by one, according to an exit list. When the men reach the surface, they will have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyesight from the glare of daylight.

For the 15-minute trip, each miner will wear an oxygen mask, heart monitor and temperature gauge.

He will have an open phone line and rescue officials will be able to watch him on a camera pointed at his face while being squeezed into a capsule 21 inches in diameter -- not much bigger than a regulation basketball hoop.
Here's hoping all goes as planned and every one of those guys gets back to the surface safely.
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