Sunday, October 24, 2010

NC State Fair: The Chow Line

The thing everybody talks about after the Fair is the food. It's not the only thing, but who doesn't like some greasy fried food now and then. The Fair had some great stuff.

My eyes got big as pie plates when we walked in ...

NC State Fair Fried Food Alley

I had to pass this one up, but next year I will not miss out on the cheddar, bacon, mashed potato bites.

NC State Fair Fried Food Booth

I passed up, and will not ever try the Krispy Kreme Burger. That's too much even for me.

It's A Burger With Krispy Kreme Buns

What I could not pass up was the Texas Chili Frito Pie. And, man, I'll tell you what. That was some good stuff.

Q: Frito Pie or Pig Lickers?

NC State Fair Texas Fried Frito Chili

I heard today the Fair set a new record this year, over a million people through the gates. I wonder how many Frito pies that is?

See also: Previous post about the maple and honey cotton candy choices and my Fuquay perspective.
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