Monday, October 25, 2010

In Case Anyone Was Wondering Why I Groan About Gun Shops in #Fuquay

Realco guns tied to 2,500 crimes in D.C. and Maryland:
Dixon's Glock was one of 86 guns sold by Realco that have been linked to homicide cases during the past 18 years, far outstripping the total from any other store in the region, a Washington Post investigation has found. Over that period, police have recovered more than 2,500 guns sold by the shop, including over 300 used in non-fatal shootings, assaults and robberies.

Fuquay's downtown Main St. is bookended by two gun shops. I have no confidence that any gun store operator is really passionately interested in preventing guns from getting in the hands of criminals. This may be due in part to my perception/stereotype of gun show owners as NRA Republicans with the typical twisted reading of the 2nd Amendment and accompanying anti-regulatory biases of that group. I could be wrong about that but the example in in the linked article enforces my belief that gun shops basically make it easy for criminals to get guns. You know who I think should carry handguns? Law enforcement. Full stop.
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