Friday, October 29, 2010

The Gloves Are Off In This Campaign (Because The Jack Boots Were Already On)

“Rand Paul Stomp” Ad Compares Violence to Danger Posed by Paul’s Proposals | Blue Wave News:
The spot makes dramatic use of the video, using its soundtrack as the only sound, alternating between a few seconds of it and a black screen with stark white print detailing frightening things that could easily result from Paul’s proposed actions and policies: “The Rand Paul STOMP – End student loans.” “The Rand Paul STOMP – End mine safety laws.”

“End breast cancer research.”

“End protections for the disabled.”

“Dump the Civil Rights Act.”

“Pay a $2000 Medicare deductible.”

“Pay a 23% sales tax on EVERYTHING.”

All of these come from things that Rand Paul has proposed or talked about during the campaign.
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