Sunday, October 24, 2010

Proposed 540 Route Drawing Ire

Fuquay-Varina Independent - Crowd turns out to oppose proposed I 540 route nearest to Fuquay Varina:
The newer possible route on the Turnpike Authority’s maps shows the southern link of 540 crossing Holly Springs Road moving south to cross James Slaughter Road, proceeding north of Woodchase and just south of Whitehurst, continuing east on the north of Ballentine subdivision and school, crossing Johnson Pond Road (where Johnson Pond and Old Mills Road intersect) crossing 401 north of Pine Meadow and north of Revels Tractor; from 401 due east crossing Hilltop Road and Old Stage Road.
A commuter to RTP living in southern Fuquay, this new proposal has a certain appeal to me. I understand why buyers who were aware of the original proposal would be upset by this new one though. 
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