Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Ever Happened to the Church of the Poison Mind?

ACLU to represent Clayton student suspended for facial piercing -

CLAYTON, N.C. – A 14-year-old girl is getting help from the American Civil Liberties Union to sue her school over her facial piercing.

Ariana Iacono was suspended indefinitely from Clayton High School for failing to remove a nose stud. The ACLU claims Iacono was unlawfully kicked out as her decision to pierce was not an intended violation of school policy, but religious choice.

Iacono joined the Church of Body Modification this summer. She's now one of 20 members in the state and 3,500 nationwide.

via News14
I know the facile and trendy thing to do here is going to be to mock the ACLU and the Church of Questionable Fashion Choices. I can hardly restrain myself. All I'm saying is, before you go too far down that path, start with asking yourself how ridiculous some other recent religions are: Scientology, LDS, Druidism (ancient, but recently recognized), Christian Science ... in fact, just keep working your way back and let me know when you find one that isn't, prima facie, utterly ludicrous.
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