Friday, October 15, 2010

Right Cause, Wrong Reason

i am in favor of civil rights, marriage & adoption 4 gay ppl BECAUSE of my #christian faith, not in spite of it #p2 #noh8 #lgbtThu Oct 14 19:38:50 via web

Why must I be a nitpicker? Here's an admirable position that strikes me as untenable. I can't get beyond the fact it's better to support equality on its merits than it is based on a cherry-picked reading of a problematic text. Being for the right things for the wrong reasons means you're on shaky ground: will you change your mind if you suddenly flip to the page where it's pretty clear the God character isn't fond of that sort of thing? Also, your argument has no power of persuasion with anyone whose beliefs are different than your's.

I'm glad there are Christian voices for equality, hopefully they'll have some influence in Christian circles ... but the message from the top in that crowd doesn't seem to be changing.
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