Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peek-a-Boo Planet

Um… That “Goldilocks” Exoplanet May Not Exist | 80beats | Discover Magazine:

A group of Swiss astronomers announced yesterday at the International Astronomical Union’s annual meeting in Turin, Italy, that they couldn’t detect the “goldilocks” exoplanet found by U.S. researchers a few weeks ago. That news of that planet, dubbed Gliese 581g, generated much excitement, since researchers said it was only three times the size of Earth, and it appeared to lie in the habitable zone where liquid water could exist on the surface.
Well, that's a bucket of cold water. Maybe it's an intelligent planet (Solaris-like?) that, upon being detected, decided to duck and cover lest we come looking for it in a spaceship full of excavation and construction equipment? Maybe it was a spot on someone's telescope lens.
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