Friday, October 8, 2010

One Trick Pony

The Wrestler (2008) - Flickchart

The Ram

The Wrestler cracked my flickchart at (a surprisingly high -- I'm not a fan of Aronofsky) #134. Hotel Rwanda was the first head-to-head loss as did initial rankings. I'm not a huge Mickey Rourke fan either, but he aced the Ram. The films a bit like getting a forearm shiver in the back by a stomping sweaty guy in boots and I wonder how well I'll think of this one after the initial gut reaction wears off. The Daddy-Daughter Dance and subsequent screw-up were a bit maudlin and I suspect I'll kind of resent how by-the-numbers that dynamic played out. On the other hand, lots of little things, like the Nintendo game, were obviously carefully crafted and I can appreciate that. A much better movie than Requiem for a Dream, IMO.
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