Friday, October 1, 2010

Glasgow Kiss of the Week for Friday, October 1, 2010

I learned this week there's a fabulous alternate name for the headbutt: the "Glasgow Kiss." (Evidently, our Glaswegian cousins are known for a bit being a rowdy in the pubs.) Having this gorgeous phrase and no reason to use it was chafing me. "What I need," I thought to myself, "is an excuse to use 'Glasgow Kiss' as often as I can, while satisfying my unfulfilled desire to headbutt scores of deserving arseholes." Just like that, a new series of blog posts is born. I may yet get around to working up a proper banner for this, for now though I'll just borrow world famous soccer headbutt hooligan Zidane's image.

Looking back over this week, there were plenty of candidates: John Lott, Jr.; Jeff Sessions; Richard Burr; Christine O'Donnell; sharks off the NC coast; and, I almost forgot, the Duke College Republicans. It was a tough call, but a late entry made too strong a case to ignore:

Cryptonaut-in-Exile's Glasgow Kiss of the Week

I was going to do a quick and dirty cut and paste of Ravi's face onto Zidane's victim, but the resemblance was actually close enough I didn't bother.
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