Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Ballad of NINJA (Excerpt)

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NINJA'S name used to be Waddy Jones. One day Waddy Jones did something really fokken stupid.
Like a total fokken doos, Waddy dressed in full military camouflage and took a djembe drum and a big sack of weed with him to a Legalize Marajuana protest outside the steps of parliament in Cape Town.
Waddy arrived at the Legalize Marajuana protest early to get a good seat.
The police had even made a nice little fence around the area where all the irie protestors could sit.
Waddy was rolling himself a lekker duk zol as the other irie protestors slowly started pulling into the little fenced area to make their protest.
About 20 irie protestors pitched up including the organizer of the protest who had even brought along a big weed plant to give to Nelson Mandela as a present.
Then all-of-a-sudden 5 big armour-plated Caspers pulled in filled with about 100 fokken cops who arrested Waddy Jones and all the other irie protestors sitting inside the little fence.
When Waddy got out of jail, he changed his name to NINJA and suddenly got much better at rapping.
Possibly the best Amazon album description ever.

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