Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 Up and Counting

Chile - Google News

One angle on this story that's interesting, beyond perhaps all the obvious ones, is that the Chilean miners were down there discussing how to share the wealth from whatever offers they receive to sell the rights to their stories. I've heard they decided, quite rationally, that no one of them should profit at the expense of the others. I appreciate their, "we're in it together" attitude and do hope they all catch some good breaks going forward.

I anticipate they're going to get some backlash from media outlets hostile to any kind of cooperation amongst working class people for not exhibiting a sufficiently cutthroat Every-Man-For-Himself capitalist instinct. Hope I'm being cynical, but I think commentators who see socialist bogeymen anywhere wealthy people aren't actively grinding their boots on the necks of the poor, the idea that these miners might share whatever jackpots they can line up for themselves must rankle.
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