Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Greensboro Massacre

Image via Carolina Peacemaker
Photo by Charles Edgerton
Muhammad also tied the massacre to recent events, as demonstrators in several cities across the country have called for more police accountability and protested against socioeconomic and racial disparities. 
"We have to recognize that what happened in 1979 is not disconnected to what is going on today and what happened in Baltimore, what happened in South Carolina, what happened in Ferguson and what may happen in Greensboro,” he said.
What the marker doesn't mention is the collusion of the Greensboro police with the KKK, nor does it have room to note that all-white juries acquitted the defendants in the criminal trials.

1979. Not 1879. I was 8-years-old. Star Wars had been released two years earlier. The big news in November, 1979 was the hostage crisis in Iran. This is recent history. So recent it could have been yesterday.

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