Thursday, May 7, 2015

Science proves there were exactly three pop music revolutions.

Science proves there were exactly three pop music revolutions, so that’s settled |Newswire | The A.V. Club

Culture Club via Retroland
The first revolution comes in 1964, with the dying out of traditional jazz and blues chords during the British Invasion of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The second occurred in 1983, when new technology ushered in the ascent of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers—meaning Eurythmics were more of a musical revolution than The Clash, which it will please everyone to know. The last revolution took place in 1991, with the mainstreaming of rap and hip-hop, which researcher Dr. Matthias Mauch describes as “the biggest...rap and hip-hop don’t use a lot of harmony. The emphasis is on speech sounds and rhythm. This was a real revolution: suddenly it was possible that you had a pop song without harmony.”
Men at Work, Culture Club, Eurythmics ... not names generally clubbed in with the Beatles & Stones, or with Public Enemy, N.W.A., & EPMD.


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