Friday, May 22, 2015

In Chicago? Check out "Who Too" | The Right Brain Project

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Two years ago, the Right Brain Project celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the BBC's beloved Doctor Who with the late-night tribute show The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!), written by Justin Gerber and McKenzie Gerber. But Clint Worthington seems to remember that production differently than the rest of the cast... He believes that rag-tag show was interrupted by the Time Lord himself. The rest of the cast neither confirms nor denies these claims, but none seem to want to talk about it.

This summer, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the BBC's current incarnation of the show, we're allowing Clint to go back to the world of tribute shows as a form of therapy - this time, all will go well as we celebrate all things Doctor Who (or so we hope...)! Written once again by playwrights (and brothers!) Justin and McKenzie Gerber, the RBP will revisit one of their most beloved productions with a sequel of galactic proportions!
Trying to remember the last time I went to a play ... uncultured sod that I am ... and thinking it was back in the 90s in Hartford to see American Buffalo at RAW. [Update: No! Just in the nick of time, I remember now that I went to a Shakespeare production by APT in Spring Green, WI. Just don't ask me which play it was. Oddly, I remember enjoying it, but what comes to mind is actually the smell of bug spray -- and, despite a DDT-soaking, still being at the center of a cloud of mosquitoes. Outdoor theater, awesome in theory!] If this played in Raleigh, it would end my theater drought.

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