Friday, October 11, 2013

Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Have Been Recovered

Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Have Been Recovered, Now Available on iTunes | Anglophenia | BBC America

The rumors turned out to be true, if the numbers were frequently exaggerated by the excitable and the gullible, but here they are: two previously lost (well, mostly lost, and not all of one) stories have been recovered, restored, and released. (Though only on iTunes so far. Boo.)

"The Web of Fear" is probably the more anticipated of the two, but if I recall my go-to source (who's also posted about these being found) for Who erudition had more to say about "The Enemy of the World." I've seen so little Troughton, relatively speaking, and not yet re-watched to write about a few others, so this is a fantastic opportunity to see more of him in action.

That said, I'm not buying the iTunes versions and will instead wait for the DVDs, so they're a bit in my future yet. (Forty-five years lost, a few more months won't break me.)  Work's been so crazy I've been sitting on scribbled notes from the last three Eccleston stories for a couple weeks now with no time to post about them and "Full Circle" has been sitting on the TV almost that long. As much as I'd like to these newly recovered stories as soon as possible, I want to watch them when I can block out the time for full appreciation.

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