Thursday, August 8, 2013

Noted utopian longs for Vampires vs. Zombie genre fiction ...

Other worlds are possible: science fiction authors roundtable | Red Pepper

Kim Stanley Robinson: "These stories [vampire and zombie] are trying to think about globalisation and the destruction of the planet’s ability to support us, without much political framework for critique or change. Thus vampires are obviously capitalists, zombies are obviously workers, or the precariat, meaning all of us; and yet we don’t have a thriving ‘Vampires versus Zombies’ genre. That absence may indicate the political ignorance of this strain of fiction, but also a general lack in our culture, either of understanding or of political courage."
Capitalists are obviously vampires but I'm not sure it's as clear cut that vampire fiction is about capitalism? If nothing else, I found a new (to me) portmanteau that seems particularly useful.

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