Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coming Soon: 'Shaman,' By Kim Stanley Robinson

Book Review: 'Shaman,' By Kim Stanley Robinson : NPR

As you can hear, Robinson keeps stylization of the language to a minimum, without stooping too low, so that the story itself can break free of the page and linger in the mind — which worked for me. Maybe it's because the world he creates feels so authentic and complete, but for several nights running, something happened to me that's never happened to me before, in all the years I've been reading novels. I dreamed I was living in Loon's world, traveling in the same tribe, along streams and rivers, through forest and over hills in an ancient state of mind.
I've got a few more Doctor Who posts to flesh out in the next five days, then I'll be shifting gears to reading, re-reading, and going on and on about Shaman. New Kim Stanley Robinson! 5 days ...

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