Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Bear with me, this is going to be gross.

Urinal: Not a Moving Target
It's not unusual to see some drops of urine in front of the urinal at work. Drops happen. But today I couldn't help but notice urine splashed all over the side of the urinal. And on the wall to the left. And on the top of the urinal. And the wall above. This wasn't a little kid urinal either. Now, I work in what you'd call a white-collar environment with financial service and IT professionals, it's not like I work in a bar, a stadium, or, I don't know, a mental hospital.

I know we've got pills to address sudden starting and stopping, I've seen the adverts on the telly, so what I want to know is: are our researchers working on a pill for Explosive Uncontrolled Omnidirectional Urination Disorder?

The next time I see a guy leaving our restroom with a splash marks on the front of his shirt, I'm not going to be able to assume he's just a vigorous hand washer or victim of high water pressure at the sink because, apparently, people are rehearsing for So You Think You Can Dance (And Pee At The Same Time) all up in there.
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