Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making Their Way From the 'Newly Added' to the 'Pop Brilliance' Playlists

They're not necessarily new, but they're new to this (nearly) 40 year-old out-of-touch musical shut-in.  These are songs that've had me tapping my toes the last week or two as I've been better about checking after the commute so I could get 'em in the iPod. I'm going to be lazy and not include all the links/embeds, well except the one, but you can check my or just google'em if you're curious:
  • "Such Great Heights", Streetlight Manifesto's ska-ed up version of the Postal Service gem
  • "First of the Gang to Die", another cover ... this time it's Zee Avi doing Morrissey
  • "Brandy of the Damned", by Nickel Eye
  • "Don't Fight It", by The Panics
  • "Drunk Girls", by LCD Soundsystem
  • "Learned to Surf", by Superchunk (yes, they're still around and still awesome)
  • "Blood Pressure", by The Jaguar Club
  • "Summer Grof", by The Spinto Band
  • "Men's Needs", by The Cribs
  • "Help, I'm Alive", by Metric
  • "Sweet Potato Pie", by Block
  • "Making Me Nervous", by Brad Sucks
The (late arriving) song of the summer, which seems to have broken over the weekend, is Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You".  

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