Thursday, August 26, 2010

Containers and Their Drivers 1: "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"

Back in the days of Maxell, I used to make mix-tapes of songs and their cover versions that I'd call "Containers and Their Drivers" -- sort of randomly altering and appropriating the name of the (so far as I know) un-covered Fall song. It was fun to find and collect songs covered by bands I wouldn't have thought would necessarily fit the material. The format was rigid: original version & my favorite cover. Here's one I never got around to doing:

"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" made famous by Nancy Sinatra but also well done by, among others:
  • Megadeath (My favorite of Megadeath's covers.)
  • Operation Ivy (Excellent.)
  • Jessica Simpson (Actually, horrible ["Can I get a soo-eee!"], but included for the fun of seeing ol' Willie in the video.) 
  • Boy George (Well, it's better than Jessica's.)
  • Symarip (Oi. I might actually prefer the Bad Manners version for moonstompin' but this feels a little more rootsy.)
  • KMFDM (It's got a certain charm. Not enough to compete with Operation Ivy and Megadeath though.)
I'm leaning towards Operation Ivy's version as being the one I would choose to go alongside Nancy's original on the mix-tape.
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