Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Don "Traficant" Cornelius?

Soul Train's response to a teen's web petition indicates someone over there has lost his or her mind.
In a response Zamora says was sent to him on August 9 from the's Webmaster email address, the entertainment site alternately suggested that Zamora's Internet campaign be called, "I'm a f*cking loser, I'm not talented or successful, I don't know sh*t about the music industry and I need to get a motherf*cking life!!"

A call to Don Cornelius Productions, the parent of Soul Train and, was not returned.

"I think they're just mad," says the still even-tempered Zamora of

In addition to being emailed personally to Zamora, the blistering response, which also called out the "white-owned" for publicizing the teen's effort, was posted for several hours on August 9 on (No such page currently can be found on the site. Zamora includes what he says are screenshots of those pages on his own Website, The Untold Truth [unable to locate via google search -- c-dog].)

In a message about the petition that currently can be found at, the Website seems to concede it blew a gasket. "We are no longer angry over what has been a turmoil of insults," the unsigned statement reads.
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